Saturday, April 12, 2008

Barry Bonds

This picture was commissioned a while back before all of the steroid buzz. This was an 8X10 that sold very cheap when I first started out.

Personalized Cartoon Portraits

Some things unique that I have always done are "Cartoon Portraits." I take a persons picture, draw a realistic portrait and attach a cartoon body capturing their favorite sport, team or hobby. This college student, obviously, was a football fan. I've done guitar players, boxers, photographers, dancers ... you name it. They make great gifts and can be done fairly inexpensively.

"The Great 28"

I completed this Warrick Dunn in 2001 for Brandon Sportscards and Collectibles outside of Tampa, Florida. This picture was shot after the piece was under glass so I lost some detail and gained a little glare. This 16X12 sold for $500.00.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

More about The Art of Tony Wolf

In the past ten years, my artwork has been featured as cover art in Sports Time magazine, published in numerous sports articles and sold to the families of athletes like Mike Alstott, Brad Johnson, Steve McNair and Frank Wycheck. I've been commissioned by Sportscard shops, the Tennessee Titans fan club as well as many individuals from Cubs fans to soccer moms to youth league coaches. My hope is to offer one of a kind originals that capture the spirit of teams and athletes and perfectly replicate the images of individuals living out their dreams in sport and hobby. My pieces will be photographed for my own records but never duplicated. Every piece that I sell will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity as well as progress photos of my work on that piece. Each drawing will be numbered 1/1, hand-signed and custom framed under acid-free glass. Every piece will also be unique to ensure it's genuineness. For example, if ten people commission me to produce a Michael Jordan piece, different photos, sizes and compositions will be used. Prices and sizes will vary. The price on commissioned originals will be personally negotiated. In the coming weeks, look for new pieces featuring Brett Favre, Dan Marino, the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants and a few youth league samples as well. Until then, I will post a few other examples that I have already sold. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Taste of Things to Come

This is a piece I was commissioned to do for a client here in Nashville. I sold a similiar drawing to the Tennessee Titans Fan Club a few months earlier.